Media ignores 14 dead immigrants during Aurora week

They flew Ann and Soledad out to feed off the heart ache of Aurora, but how come we never saw ‘breaking news’ on this tragedy?
I’d like to understand more about the causes than the effects. Which kills more people, our lack of gun control enforcement or our immigration policy?  And what part does the media play in our nation’s focus on these two ‘third rails’ of American politics?   Neither candidate is talking about either issue and the media’s playing along.  Sure, President Obama mentioned something about automatic weapons, but no one’s putting their name on any legislation. Obama Addresses Gun Control Following Aurora Shooting (VIDEO).
AP: The victims – men, women and children – were carrying toothbrushes, toothpaste and changes of socks and underwear but no identification.
And no one’s talked about the 14 anonymous immigrants.  Of course, we all feel for the victims of the heinous actions of a lone crazed gunman in Colorado, but when will the media start to pay attention to the policies that are contributing to these tragic deaths?