Golf. ‘nough said?

Is there anything else that can be written about golf?  Let’s take a stab at it…

It was devlishly exciting for me to be able to tell my Father, who’s both a country clubber and golf course owner, that I’d joined a local ‘public’ course and how great it is to be able to change my shoes in the parking lot.  He hit me.

As we finished up the 17th hole at the same course, our prosthetic-enabled ‘ringer’ of a sales person shot his ball up above a retaining wall.  Had it been my ball, I’d have counted it off as ‘lost’, knowing I’d never be able to gracefully get my middling body on top of the stone wall.  My mouth was on the fairway as our buddy used one arm to mount the wall as if it were a pommel horse.  He proudly held up the ball as he now hopped off the wall, landing on one very strong leg, to resume play.  I’ve started going to the gym since.

A local political person who I’d expect would embrace golf and the opportunity it might provide for fundraising told me in no uncertain terms that he despises golf and anyone who plays it (it was clear he was only half kidding).  Perhaps he didn’t realize, I told him, that I was cursed to play the game by parents who’d named me ‘Chip’ ‘Green’; that I’d needed to develop at least my short game just to live up to the name.  The pol’s partner asked, “What’s a short game?”   I explained that it was like miniature golf on steroids (I overuse the ‘on steroids’ term, I know).  I tried to tell them it’s, “Like polo without a horse, croquet on a much larger lawn… It’s fun!”  No takers.   The world really is divided into those who golf and those who just don’t give two cents about the game, with both camps it seems gleeful about their positions.  I enjoy being an ambassador between the two.

Today, we’re venturing out for at least nine holes with a person we’re hoping will become more of a business partner to Green Ink.  How will he handle frustration?   Will he be a rule follower or, like some I play with, a proud flouter of rules such as putting order and pin pulling?  Of course, I know I talk too much generally and golf is a good place for my real friends to ask me to keep quiet for a minute or two.

Golf exposes us.  And, if we listen to what it tells us about ourselves, perhaps we can learn something.